Lyophilized somatic cells SRM

SCC calibration range for flow cytometers

SCC calibration range

Long shelf-life SCC calibration range

Flow cytometry is nowadays the most advanced and used method for the determination of somatic cells in milk. Although it has many advantages over alternative methods (speed, accuracy), it requires the use of reference samples to ensure the optimal calibration of the flow cytometer.

To ensure optimal standardization of the SomaCount and BactoCount, we have developed a calibration set made of long shelf-life lyophilized somatic cells SRMs (SCC) to check very easily and quickly the proper functioning of the equipment. This calibration set can be used to calibrate the somatic cells counters and control their stability.


Samples description

The lyophilized somatic cell lines are based on a series of 5 cow’s milk samples with contents ranging from 50 to 1500 kSCC/mL. These samples are packaged in glass bottles, sealed with an aluminium shield and cap. They are stable two years after their date of manufacture and storage at 4°C. When diluted, each sample has a volume of 15 mL.

The reference values for somatic cell SRMs were established on an average of 9 ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories.

The ranges are made from freeze-dried cow’s milk and contain a stabilizer to preserve their quality.



Shipments are packaged with isothermal boxes and ice packs and send by express carrier.

Optimal solution for checking the standardization of the somatic cell counters SomaCount and BactoCount (or alternative methods)


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    SCC standard A (100-150 kSCC/mL)

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    SCC standard D (700-800 kSCC/mL)

    SCC standard E (>1000 kSCC/mL)

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