June 2023

Dairy industry

Innovative analytical solutions for the dairy industry

Bentley Instruments SARL concludes a new strategic distribution agreement with QualiTru

June 01, 2023 – Bentley Instruments, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of analytical and automation solutions for milk and dairy analysis laboratories, is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with QualiTru Sampling Systems, the leader in aseptic and representative sampling. This strategic collaboration will combine Bentley Instruments’ analytical systems with QualiTru’s sampling technologies, providing dairy industry professionals with a comprehensive, integrated, and optimized solution for quality control, from unloading to finished products.

Founded in 1982, Bentley Instruments offers innovative solutions such as DairySpec FT and BactoCount IBCM 3.0. The DairySpec FT is a Fourier Transform Mid-Infrared analyzer (FT-MIR) for highly precise and reliable determination of the physicochemical composition of milk and dairy products (up to 64 parameters simultaneously). The BactoCount IBCM 3.0 enables highly accurate, real-time multiplex analysis of total flora and somatic cells in raw milk, ensuring the optimal qualification of milk hygienic quality before unloading.

Founded in 1983, QualiTru Sampling Systems (formerly known as QMI) is recognized as a pioneer in aseptic and representative sampling. Their expertise and commitment to food safety are well-established. Over the past four decades, QualiTru has been assisting the dairy and liquid food industries in producing safe and high-quality products through innovative, user-friendly, versatile, and cost-effective sampling technologies in over 30 countries worldwide.

“We know test results are only as accurate as their samples and that being able to trust those results is vital in the dairy industry. QualiTru Sampling Systems is excited to partner with Bentley Instruments to provide the dairy industry with a comprehensive and optimal solution to maintain critical hygiene standards and produce safe, high-quality products for consumers,” Ian Davis, CEO at QualiTru Sampling Systems.

This collaboration between Bentley Instruments’ analyzers and QualiTru’s sampling technologies strengthens both companies’ leadership positions in the dairy technology field, providing the dairy industry with a complete and high-performing solution for their operations.

By working together, Bentley Instruments and QualiTru are committed to providing dairy industry professionals with the necessary tools to produce even safer, high-quality products that comply with regulatory requirements. This collaboration will also allow industries to benefit from the synergies and complementarity resulting from this agreement, offering a comprehensive, integrated, and high-performing solution that best meets the dairy industry’s food safety needs.

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