Official sponsor of the Mejeriteknisk Selskab

Next seminar : Microbiology in the dairy plant

14 October 2021


October 2021

Dairy industry/laboratories

Innovative analytical solutions for the dairy industry

Bentley Instruments becomes a silver sponsor of the Mejeriteknisk Selskab, the Danish Society of Dairy Technology.

For this occasion, we will attend the next seminar on Thursday 14th October for the “Microbiology in the dairy plant”.

Microbiology at the dairy plant is constantly interesting and important for the dairies. This seminar will explore the perspectives for positive microbiology, and how new knowledge about the effect of microorganisms in our microbiota can be applied positively into dairy products.

Also, the unwanted microbiology in the dairies which deteriorate the milk, and the dairy products will be explored. How to fight bacteriophages, yeast, moulds and thermoresistant bacteria throughout the steps of dairy processing – raw milk, processing, and shelf life.

Furthermore, the seminar will focus on the ones that are really unwanted at the dairy plant, such as Salmonella, Listeria, Mycotoxins and campylobacter – how to avoid these? The seminar will also seek answers to how approvals of fast detection methods is organized.

About the Mejeritekniske Selskab:

The Danish Society of Dairy Technology was founded in 1942. The aim of the society is to promote information and technical research in the dairy field and to further the application of the results in order to benefit the Danish dairy industry and its connected productions.

The society arranges meetings, lectures and seminars and co-operates with similar national and foreign organizations, associations and experts. Furthermore we arrange field trips – within the Danish border as well as abroad.

As active members, the society admits persons who are engaged in:

  • Production of milk or production of – and trade in – milk products
  • Dairy science, experimental activities and administration
  • Heads of – and engineers in – other firms working for the dairy trade.

The society has about 375 active members.

As contributing members, the Society admits institutions, associations or companies that work within – or in connection with – the dairy trade who want to contribute to the activities of the Society.

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