Bronolab Liquid

Optimal preservation of your milk samples

Preservative for milk samples

Bronolab W-II is a liquid preservative solution containing 18% Bronopol. It is used by laboratories that prefer the convenience a liquid preservative provides for short-term preservation of milk samples analyzed on infrared instruments. Milk samples preserved with Bronopol must be adequately refrigerated during transportation and storage.


Inhibits the growth of bacteria, provides extended shelf life, and reduces lipolysis in milk samples.


Specially formulated to minimize interference with Infrared test results using normal laboratory techniques on traditional components.

Safe to Use

Non-irritating to skin, non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic.

Easy to Use

One drop of Bronolab provides adequate preservation of a 40mL sample and is instantly soluble.

Long Lasting

1 (one) liter of Bronolab is enough to preserve approximately 24,000 individual 40mL milk samples.


Highlighted features

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria,
  • Provides extended shelf life,
  • Reduces lipolysis in milk samples.


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