Automated yeast and mould detection in less than 48 hours

Benefits of Oculer

  • Reduced test times,
  • Detection down to one viable microbial cell,
  • Eliminates serial dilution of samples due to its wide measurement range,
  • Reduced material and labour costs for sample preparation,
  • Reduced preparation errors caused by weighing, dilution and pipetting,
  • Provides a robust test for a variety of sample matrices,
  • Impervious to sample opacity or turbidity,
  • Easy disposal of samples compared to agar plates and similar products,
  • Simple storage of vials at room temperature.

Rapid Microbial Detection and Growth Assay

Global consumer markets are rapidly trending towards the rejection of artificial preservatives in food and beverage products. This presents an increasingly challenging prospect for manufacturers whose reputation depends on product integrety and safety in the hands of their customers. The Oculer rapid 930 series benchtop incubator and reader is a high-precision instrument that provides industrial microbiology laboratories with a novel, fully automated, low-cost test platform for confirming quality control. Oculer’s customers are increasingly adopting our technology because it is simple, fast and accurate.


How does it work ?

As aerobic microbial samples grow and respire, they deplete oxygen. Each vial contains a highly sensitive fluorescent oxygen depletion sensor together with an appropriate growth medium. The Oculer incubator/reader detects the reduction in oxygen concentration caused by aerobic microbial growth. The limit of detection is one viable microbial cell in the test sample. Monitoring and reporting of results is performed automatically with advanced data analytics and customised reporting of real-time results available centrally or remotely.

Advantages of the Oculer


an easy-to-use system suitable for laboratories or non-specialist operators, just add the sample to a pre-prepared vial containing specifically formulated media, place in the reader and walk away. The reader will automatically monitor oxygen levels in each vial delivering pass/fail microbiology results in real-time. The Oculer system eliminates the need for highly skilled staff and can be used directly on the manufacturing floor.


Pass results are obtained up to 72 hours, which is faster than traditional plates method. The Oculer also has the advantage of positive results being available inreal time, speeding up remedial action and reducing production costs.


Using a growth-based technology with large sample volume of up to 10 mL gives a more accurat result compared to traditional plates or other alternative rapid microbiological methods available on the market.

Traditional Plate Method

Send to lab
Prep and QC media
Add samples to plates
Manually read and record results

Product release
120 hours
after production

Oculer Yeast
and Mould Assay

Add 10 mL sample to oculer vial at production line or in lab

Product release
only 48 hours
after production



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