QualiTru Sampling Systems

Effective quality control of dairy products requires continuous inline sampling combined with high-performance analysis. The aseptic and hygienic sampling solutions from QualiTru for the Dairy and Liquid Food industries are easy to use, versatile and cost-effective. QualiTru’s and Bentley Instruments’ analytical solutions are the perfect combination for optimizing quality control throughout your manufacturing process.


Ensure Aseptic and Hygienic Sampling of your Products with QualiTru Sampling Systems

Monitoring and controlling milk quality and safety requires the due diligence of a quality control program that includes continuous aseptic inline sampling and data analysis to detect and identify sources of contamination. Since contaminants can be introduced anywhere along the process, from milking through distribution, it is key to safeguard against these risks by implementing quality control measures throughout the production process. Aseptic inline sampling and analytical testing solutions play critical roles in monitoring the physicochemical and hygienic composition of milk and dairy products to detect any deviations from desired standards.


Aseptic and Hygienic Sampling - ports
QualiTru’s TruStream™ stainless steel sanitary ports are certified to 3-A Standard 63-04 and designed to work in a wide variety of locations, including processing lines, silos, tanks, and liquid tanker trucks. They provide easy, aseptic access to process monitor for microbial contamination, as well as line and tank sampling, helping to ensure confi dence in product quality and process with accurate sample data.


Aseptic and Hygienic Sampling - Septa
QualiTru TruStream Septa are designed for samples to be drawn a single time from each channel, dramatically reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Each septum is made of high-quality, food-grade materials and features a label that clearly indicates which channels have been used. Once all channels have been used, simply replace with a new septum.

Collection units

Aseptic and Hygienic Sampling - Collection units

The TruStream oxygen-permeable collection bag provides a sterile fluid path and is equipped with a needle and tubing and works with all TruStream septa. The sterile collection unit extends aseptic sampling, while the oxygen permeability allows for the incubation of the product. The TruStream sterile collection bags come in a variety of sizes and configurations for any sampling need. 


Aseptic and Hygienic Sampling - Pumps

QualiTru offers peristaltic pumps in electric and portable models to draw liquid samples into a TruMotion Collection Bag, providing a continuous flow for a representative sample. The electric pump is ideal for sampling the entire process run for inline, pen or payment sampling, while the portable peristaltic pump works best for short duration and troubleshooting sampling applications.



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