Antibiotic residue

Consumers are increasingly concerned about antibiotic residues in milk. Give them the assurance of the highest product quality by relying on the most thorough rapid tests on the market

Milk producers - Why and when to test for antibiotic residues contamination

Keeping antibiotics out of the milk supply is essential to ensure product safety, protect against bacteria resistance, and maintain consumer confidence.

There are three essential residues-testing check points:

  • Before treated cows return to the milking line:

    Testing is essential because antibiotic withhold times can vary, for example:

    • Older cows retain antibiotics longer than younger cows and many times longer than the stated withhold times.
    • If a cow is treated “extra label,” the cow typically retains antibiotic drugs longer than the label withhold time.
  • After every milking:
    • Testing this frequently saves money, because you can catch mistakes early before dumping good milk on top of bad milk.
    • The earlier you detect residue contamination, the less milk you’ll dump and the lower the financial impact.
  • Just before pickup:

    This is the most critical point of all because it’s the last chance to catch contamination before the milk is shipped.


Dairies - A crucial step in the process

In order to protect against bacterial resistance, to ensure the high sanitary quality of milk products and to maintain an high consumer confidence, antibiotic residues tests are systematically carried out to check collection tanks before unloading milk at the dairies.

The combination of rapid tests for the determination of antibiotic residues and BENTLEY INSTRUMENTS analytical solutions offers dairy plants a total solution for the fast and highly accurate analysis of milk quality at reception:

Bacteria and somatic cells analysis with our BactoCount IBCm 3.0.
Chemical composition (up to 64 components) with our DairySpec FT.


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