ICAR conference 2023

Toledo, Spain

21-26 May 2023


April 2023


Innovative analytical solutions for the dairy industry

ICAR conference: Breeding for resilience: transitioning diverse livestock farming systems into the future

The next ICAR conference will be held in Toledo, Spain from May 21 to 26, 2023!

This year, the conference will bring together major players in the dairy industry to discuss the transition of farming systems towards a more resilient agriculture. Understanding the issues and potential solutions related to this challenge is crucial in an increasingly difficult economic and ecological context.

The conference program will include several sessions covering the latest technical advances:

  • Session 1: Sector views on drivers, barriers and challenges for data recording implementation and innovation uptake,
  • Session 2: Advances on Monitoring Welfare at group and individual level,
  • Session 3: Breeding for Resilience to Climate Change: Adaptation strategies,
  • Session 4: Climate Change Mitigation Strategies,
  • Session 5: PLF Technology development and data accessibility,
  • Session 6: Challenges and Developments in milk recording and sampling for sheep and goats,
  • Session 7: Latest tools using MIR-spectra in the ICAR world,
  • Session 8: Adaptation, resilience, and agro-ecological transition in small ruminants and camelids,
  • Session 9: Implementing RFID into National Identification Programs,
  • Session 10: Brian Wickham Young Persons Exchange Program (BWYPEX): “Scholar Reports on 4 topics; Beef on Dairy, Sensors in Welfare Monitoring; ExtraMir, Sustainability Traits”,
  • Session 11: Beef from Dairy,
  • Session 13: ICAR Certificate of Quality,

As a long-time partner of the ICAR organization, we will be present at this event to present our latest advances and innovations in terms of analytical and automation solutions.

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